P&Z hurdle

Posted on January 4th, 2016 by Susan Vanech

Town Hall Discrepancies halt the project.
Great meeting with the architect! Plans to add about 1000 sq ft to the existing home while using the existing first floor and footprint is going to transform the current two bedroom farmhouse into a four bedroom 3.5 bath home with a Craftsman style feel.
But wait, Planning and Zoning officer says because we are adding so much sq ftg we need to follow new construction guidelines and must have a full review from the engineering department for a new drainage system. Yikes!  This means anywhere from an additional $5k-$25k in unbudgeted expenses and potentially another three weeks before permits.  No can do, so need to come up with a Plan B.  I don’t give up easily and am always confident there are solutions to every challenge.  Just need to dig a little deeper here.
After speaking to the engineering department, my additional sq ftg does not require me to do a full review and drainage according to THEIR guidelines. But according to P&Z, I do.  I very politely pointed out the contradiction between departments.  Because of this discrepancy and after a full department regrouping among P&Z officials, it was determined that there was a misinterpretation of the P&Z regs.  Yes, town hall admitted to an error!!
Bottom line?  No need for a full review. No unexpected costs.  Phew!  A little persistence and logic prevails!  (If only the DMV were the same…)

So, we begin demolition. Yeah baby, bust out the sledge hammers, walls are coming down!



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