About Susan Vanech

Real Estate Agent In Westport CT | Buying And Selling Houses

Through my passion of remodeling homes, I found a new love in real estate. I enjoy helping both property owners and prospective buyers navigate today’s market and maximize their opportunity.

The abundance of experience I gained in completing transactions that involve the efforts of architects, builders, inspectors, appraisers, colleagues and town departments including planning and zoning, conservation and engineering is now wisdom to pass along to my clients.

I offer a unique vision for real estate as a Realtor and investor. Because I see the potential in a home, its intrinsic value is revealed and my buying clients begin to see past the laminate counter tops, outdated wall paper or even walls that get in the way of an open concept design. I approach the home hunting process for my clients as if I am searching for my next investment; every purchase must make financial sense.

When representing a home for sale, I use my unique vision to best position the property in front of the widest possible audience. I help the homeowner prepare the home to appeal to today’s buyers’ mindset. I can see, highlight and share the inherent value and elements of the home that will speak to the heart of the buyer. Through this approach, the story of the home is shared as it is strategically marketed to a targeted audience of qualified buyers.

I get to the heart of what my clients need and desire. I hear what they have to say, I educate and consult with them as I respect the individuality of each home purchase or sale. I guide clients skillfully through the journey with confidence and ease, turning a potentially anxiety ridden experience into one of joy, excitement and success. It is an honor to be a part of that experience.

Whether I am working with first time buyers or indulging the connoisseurs of life, whether I am marketing a townhouse or an estate on the gold coast, the same time, care, attention and expertise goes into the process. I love what I do, and it shows.




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